Thursday, September 3, 2015

The School of Public Health to offer a new undergraduate degree in Environmental Health

The School of Public Health-Bloomington is offering a new Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree in Environmental Science. It is already offered as a Master and a Ph.D, but now will be available to undergraduate students as well.

Environmental health is concerned with all aspects of the environment that affect human health, and in the program, students will identify, control, and prevent any environmental factors that can impact human health. They will be taught principles of environmental health ranging from food safety to exposure assessment. The professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Health stated, “An increased awareness of physical, biological and chemical hazards in our world coupled with greater knowledge of their potential effects on human health has led to great demand for trained environment health professionals. By offering an undergraduate degree in environmental health, we are directly addressing the critical need for educating tomorrow’s workforce in an academically robust way.”