Monday, September 7, 2015

Edwin Marshall and John Seffrin awarded Founding Dean’s Medallion

The Founding Dean’s Medallion was recently awarded to Dr. Edwin C. Marshall and Dr. John Seffrin. The Medallion is awarded to those who dedicate their careers to research and education of public health, and practice healthy lifestyles by preventing disease and promoting heath. It was awarded to these two admirable individuals by Mohammed Torabi, Dean and Chancellor’s Professor at the School of Public Health-Bloomington.

Recipient Dr. Marshall was appointed to chair the IU Public Health Coordinating Council by Indiana University President Michael McRobbie. He was responsible for the creation of the schools of public health at Bloomington and Indianapolis, both of which are now accredited and renowned in the field of public health. Recipient Dr. Seffrin served as chairman of the Department of Applied Sciences and is listed to become a professor in the School.  He also served as the former CEO of the American Cancer Society. “Both Dr. Marshall and Dr. Seffrin epitomize character, passion, and dedication to the vast and dynamic field of public health,” said Dean Torabi. “Their contributions have not only provided inspiration, they have made concrete differences in the world. For this, we should all be deeply appreciative.”